Frequently Asked Questions about Emerald City Suboxone Clinic

1.  What is your Mission Statement?

Emerald City Suboxone Clinic aims at treating opioid use disorder in an outpatient setting in Federal Way, WA and its surrounding areas. Our medical model and therapeutic approach exclusively uses Suboxone, a combination of buprenorphine and naloxone, which is a well-proven and effective way in treating opioid use disorder.  We believe that addiction is a disease and our clients are patients who are suffering from an illness and are taking a stand to fight it. We are here to help.

2.  What is Suboxone?

Please kindly refer to the frequently asked questions about suboxone on this website.

3.  How do I make an appointment?

You can call and/or email us and leave a message. One of our doctors/assistants will get back to you within 48 hours. A short phone interview will be required. Please have your personal and insurance information ready.

4.  Why do you not have office hours and are by appointment only?

Our medical model is tailored specifically in treatment of opioid addiction and we understand that not every patient’s addiction is the same.  In order to treat our patient’s effectively, appointments are needed in order to customize a treatment regimen that is specific to you.

5.  How much does this cost?

All patients will have to pay out of pocket for your Suboxone medication or go through your insurance. We do not have samples in the clinic.

  • Induction visit is $350, including initial visit and screening and titration prescriptions to achieve a stable dose.
  • Subsequent visits are $160 per visit.

An initial non refundable deposit of $50 is required in order to hold your appointment booking and this deposit will be applied to your initial visit cost.  If you fail to keep your appointment, this fee is non refundable.

6.  Do you accept insurance?

We currently do not accept insurance and this will be a cash, credit, or debit only transaction for the doctor visit. However, your insurance may be able to subsidize your prescription medication.

7.  How do I receive my medication?

Your doctor will write you a prescription after your visit, and you will have to drop/pick up at a local Pharmacy. Suboxone is a medicine that is commonly stocked at most Pharmacies and our doctors can provide a list of local pharmacies carrying suboxone in stock.

8.  How often do I need to see my doctor?

Suboxone is highly regulated by the DEA, and therefore we recommend at least a monthly visit in order to follow up with your doctor to pick up your prescriptions. Initially, after induction, you may need to see your doctor every 2 weeks in order to make adjustments to your treatment plan and dosages (these initial visits will be included
in the induction costs).

9.  Do you treat pregnant patients and adolescents?

Unfortunately at this time we are unable to accommodate these specific types of patients.